Hot Lard’s Top Ten Posts – #5

Number #5

Demotivational Posters Volume #1

Created: Feb 13, 2008

Hits: 4,900

Demotivational Posters Volume #1 set a few milestones for us here at Hot Lard. To begin with it was the first of the demotivational poster series and showed the staff that we actually did have a purpose in life. (Other than mooning the elderly) The second was that this was the first and only post that reached 1000 hits in less than 24 hours. I don’t know if we even had a 1000 hit day before this post.
I guess there is a third and fourth milestone that we don’t really talk about. This was the first post we showed a naked booby and real poo in. After that, we pretty much started to show everything and the site has gone downhill ever since.

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