Wal*Mart is Evil; Shopper Strips to Prove Point

I was browsing the bicycle forums this afternoon (yes, I was… LOL) and came across another reason to believe Wal-Mart is pure evil.

Turns out, a woman was unable to bring her bicycle inside (probably because most bums would love to steal her $600 bike any chance they got).  Apparently, Wal-Evil doesn’t allow outside bikes inside their stores because they sell bikes (mind you, Huffy and Murray … hardly to be mistaken for a bike costing more than $50) and it would confuse loss prevention and potentially bring harm to shoppers.

The point the woman made was something I wish to have seen.

… I’m standing there in my spandex and a sports bra …

I kind of lost my train of thought at that point.

More Hot Lard stories about the wonderful world of Wal-Evil.

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