Hot Lard’s Top Ten Posts – #7

Number #7

Video Game Babes

Created: August 21, 2007

Hits: 3321

Our next post proves that the Internet is chalk full of pasty skinned computer nerds that will do anything to look at “fake breasts”. And when I say fake, I’m not talking about a par of silicon filled “happy bags” that can be found on some of your more well know porn stars. No, I’m talking about cartoon “boobies”! The ones you find on video game covers or in the game itself. We did a post on the advancement of cartoon “tah-tahs” in the video industry, giving a few examples of their work. And the computer nerds’ came out of the fucking woodwork to catch a glimpse of what we had to offer. I assume the cartoon “sweater cows” are more appealing, because for most of them, seeing a real set will never happen.     

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