Janice Dickinson Wishes Hot Lard a Happy Birthday

Hey y’all!

Mutha-fuckin saweet shizzle yo got goin on, you hot fuckas.

I luv yer snot you post.  Im so glad u didn’t die a slow death like most blogs I reed.  Yu see, Im the first supamodel.  and As you now, we modelz ain’t verry smurt.  We git what we want becuz we give good bl0wjobs, not becuase we are smartz.

You guyz rilly do have the best and craze posts.  I like all the hot demotiv… those funny pictures, I mean!!

I supr excited for another good year of funny stuff.  I luv it!

Oh yeah, enclosed is a pair of my used pink panties.  Well, they arnet’ so pink anymore.. more like a little marroonish now (hee-hee).  I figure after 5 years of good use, u guys are sure to find sumthng good to do with them!

Bye all!  Call me!

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