Hot Lard’s Top Ten Posts – #9

Number #9

Hot Lard Kodak Moment – WTF?!?!?!?!?

Created: December 16, 2007

Number of hits: 3135

Have you ever been trolling the Internet and came across something that intrigued you and scared the piss out of you at the same time?

This photo sure did for me. I had no clue what this photo was of, what it meant or who took it. So I decided to post it on our web site and asked our knowledgeable readers if they had any ideas on it. Over three thousand of you have click on this picture and not a god damn one of you MENSA members have given me one speck of information on it. Actually we have received a few emails from readers asking us WTF this photo was all about.

Thanks for nothing ass holes!

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