Charlie Murphy Wishes Hot Lard a Happy Birthday

Hey guys, just wanted to wish the crew a very happy birthday.

As you know (based on my many inquires to the staff for movie ideas, which I really do appreciate), I’m a HUGE fan of you guys.  You really helped me iron-out the details for Norbit.  My brother Eddie just couldn’t put the final polish on the movie, but you guys really pulled off a miracle!  I think the movie was a resounding success because of your inventive ideas on character development.

I’ve got some other ideas, so you should be receiving some more correspondence fairly soon.  Be on-the-lookout!

Ever since Dave Cheppelle went crazy, I’ve been kind of in the slumps.  Not a whole lot of work available for goofy sidekicks, and you guys have really helped me out.  My brother is too busy having sex with girls he shouldn’t be messing around with (Scary Spice, etc), so he hasn’t been really able to give me anything to do.  Thankfully, I had no input on his latest disaster, Meet Dave.

Anyway, kudos to the gang over at Hot Lard for keeping it real.  I look forward to more anal sex jokes and barnyard porn.

Later fellas!

Your pal,

Charlie Murphy!!

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