Comments – Bring em on Bitch Part #2

If you read “Comments – Bring em on Bitch Part #1” you would know that I visited an Anti American, Anti Free Thinking, web site and was not allowed to comment on it because…. Well because the site was run by a douche bag that does not allow any opinions other than his own warped views. I know that sounds pretty funny coming from a guy who writes about barnyard porn and fart jokes, but at least I let you comment about them. So my only option was to make a comment to his interview on the Pakistani Spectator.

I was trolling the Internet the other day and thought I would check out the Spectator to see if there were any new comments to my interview. There were none. So I decided to check out Muhammad’s insane rantings …errrrrrrrrrr I mean interview and see if he commented to what I had to say. And to my surprise he did!!!!!

After that I felt I needed to get a good dose of America Bashing, so I went to his web page….. Only to find that is had been removed. My natural compassion for other human beings kicked in, making me concerned about Muhammad’s welfare.  So I went back to the Spectator (because it’s was my only means of communicating with Muhammad) And made a plea to him the let me know that he was safe and well.

Thankfully he was, I guess he was so busy with forcing his ideals on others and make young men grow a 6 inch beard that he could not keep up his web site any more.

I left one more comment to him to let him know that we will always be good friends. You can see it below.

Click on the screen shot to be taken to the site.

Oops, a little bit more was added just after creating this post.

Must have struck a nerve…. We have reached Defcon 3

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