Comments…. Bring em on Bitch

I am not in the business to bash other people’s blogs. Everyone has the right to their point of view and as long as they don’t kill anyone over it or make me have to watch soccer, I say scream your opinion from the tallest mountain so everyone can hear.

But you should be ready (and accepting) of other opinions to what you are saying. Others may not like what you have to say and react to a measure they see fit. And once again as long as that measure is not to kill anybody or have anything to do with soccer, they have every right to do so. Isn’t that correct Dixie Chicks?

So when someone bashes me or says I’m a poo poo head, I will give them their voice and let it be seen by all that want to look at it. Of course I do have the right to rip you a new one after you poo poo me. Hey it’s my blog so fuck you.

So when I discovered that Mohammad (the fun loving person who loves Hot Lard) had his own blog. I decided to give it a look and see what this person has on his mind. I found it to be chalk full of very happy, happy, joy, joy feelings of America, its history, and people.

I tried to comment to Mohammad on some of his points of view, but found that the open minded, free thinking, open to other opinions type of person he is…  Censors his comments and will not allow anything that questions his thoughts to come through.

So I did a little searching a found that he too has been interviewed by the Pakistani Spectator and they do not censor their comments. So I decided to drop a little comment on this blog to Mohammad in hopes that he will revisit the site and see it.

You can see my comment below.

5 thoughts on “Comments…. Bring em on Bitch

  1. Looks like he deleted his blog… I couldn’t read that but I read his responses…

    What are your future plans? Can’t tell them here but you’ll find out soon. <– Better watch out Ervin. Looks like he found a target, your barnyard porn stash.

    Any Message you want to give to the readers of The Pakistani Spectator? Blog about what you love. Be brave. Don’t worry about criticism. <– He seems to worry a lot about criticism doesn’t he???

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