Letters to Hot Lard – WTF is that photo… again?

It’s time to dip into the Hot Lard mail bag and see what our loyal readers have to say.

This letter comes from “R” and once again we are being asked about our WTF photo post.

I am over intrigued with this picture. Where did you get it? I want to see the rest of the set. The animation is so realistic it actually scares me to doubt its authenticity.

Much appreciated.


Well “R” you little rascle let me tell you all about it.

Dear R

Before I purchased the, “Your a Big Pussy Weight Master 3000”, I was a somewhat tiny fellow. I was constantly getting picked on and called names like…

Hey You
Muppet Head
Tiny Waistline

It was horrible as you could imagine. So I purchased the weight machine in the hopes to work out on it constantly to become big, buff and ready for action. I would then take my new found masculinity and severely pound the heads in of all my enemies.

But I pretty much am a big pussy and the weight machine really did nothing for me so I constantly got my ass kicked during my youth. So I went into the Barnyard porn business and made millions. I hired a bunch of tough guys to pour milk on the sister of my biggest nemesis while making his retarded younger brother watch.

Today I’m a Priest

Thanks for the letter

Love and kisses
Ervin Shlopnick

Keep those cards and letters coming kids and we will reply… if we feel like it

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