Demotivational Posters Volume #22

We have a whole new sloppy slab of demotivational posters for you to devour. However you will have to jump over to our sister site Demotivational Minds to see them.

3 thoughts on “Demotivational Posters Volume #22

  1. It’s been a while Ervin…you don’t call, you don’t write…the kids is askin’ bout they’s daddy. Not sure what to tell them other than you is nuttin’ but a two bit hustler turning tricks on some blog for readership.


    And to think I once loved yo nappy white ass. I even let you suckle a breast-tiddie that one time. You remember?

    I still loves ya, Porgie. Come back to the Asherton Projects soon. My bed is cold without choo.,…cept when Lionel, Antwone and La Ron is sleepin’ ovah.

    Miss you, Boo.

    Velveeta Lashonda Finay Jones

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