Coming Soon… Demotivational Minds

DEAD WEB SITE…. For reasons unknown, Demotivational Minds was killed off by WordPress. (I think they were jealous of the eyes) I know we will all miss her and many of you will probably walk out into traffic, now that you cannot view this 9th wonder of the world.

May she rest in peace.

Beings our demotivational posters have done so well, we have decided to create a new site that will be devoted completely to them. The new site will be called Demotivational Minds. (As of this time the site is in its infancy so don’t expect much)

It will be a collection of our current volumes of demotivational posters and new. It will also include posters that you send to us.

We’ll let you know when the site is up and running. In the mean time you can still enjoy all of our hard work here at good ole Hot Lard.

Thank you

Ervin Shlopnick

Demotivational Engieer

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