Prison Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that my good friend and co-owner of Hot Lard, Ervin, really is out of commission.  According to my inside sources, he found a friend in prison that wasn’t kind to him.

Given your many clues to Ervin’s sexual prowness, rest-assured it isn’t Ervin that is suffering … rather, the ‘Bubba’ who thought he would take advantage of poor Ervin.  I betyou can all imagine the look of shock and fear as ‘Bubba’ was subjected to Ervin’s many horror stories and tall tales of mustangs (horses) and llamas.

Even with his many ventures into barnyard porn and the likes, he did sustain some internal damage that is going to prolong his stay in confinement.  Don’t worry though, he sentence is nearly served and the doctors should have him patched up in no time … he’ll be back on his knees in no time at all.

So to tide everyone over, I thought I’d share a Kodak Moment.

Who’s hungry for Pizza Hut?

Feel free to leave your “well wishes” for Ervin.  He’ll be back very soon, in full-form ready to make everyone vomit all over again.


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