Reports from Prison – Wanted Posters

Hey Kids!

While the guard was not looking, I was able to sneak into the warden’s office and get online. Of course the first thing I did was check out Hot Lard to see how all my good friends and readers are doing…

Well actually I guess I did check out some of the barnyard porn sites the warden had in his favorites list first…
And I also balanced my checkbook.
And set up a date with a hot 13 year old Mexican girl named Chris Hansson I meet on a chat line.
Then I watched some streaming porn
Oh and I went to all the sites we have blog rolled and placed viruses on them.
Made a few obscene phone calls to the burn center at Mercy Medical
Picked my nose
Had a pizza delivered
Cut my hair
Penis shanked a snitch

But after that I’m sure all of you were the first thing on my mind.

Well, as I was rifling through the wardens desk looking for a breath mint (Don’t ask). I found some wanted posters the FED’s used to capture me. So I thought I’d post them for all to see.

Remember that none of these are true…. Well mostly not true…. Somewhat not true…in some peoples point of view not true… You know, I feel that what a man does in his own home… or church… or park… or play ground…or barn… or neighbors barn… or to his neighbor is his own damn business.


3 thoughts on “Reports from Prison – Wanted Posters

  1. Did you get that care package I sent you? It sounds like you are having a blast so instead of a file in the cake, I hid a bottle of lube, and some hemorrhoid cream.

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