Classic Comment of the Week – Shanking with my…

We are starting a new series of posts here at Hot Lard (HL to our friends…. if we had any) We are calling it Classic Comment of the Week. (or CCOTW)

We get some very funny comments from our readers and I feel it a real shame that they may not be getting shared with all of you. So whenever a really good comment comes in (starting now) we will post it and give you praise for the sick and  twisted person you are.

This weeks praise goes to gijew for his defense of our latest version of Demotivational posters. You see, it appears that someone by the name of Heath did not like our poster on “Exploration” and he called me a bad person. Thankfully the staff of HL stepped in and bitch slapped Heath up and down the street. But the real kick in the balls came from gijew.  He finished this guy off with no mercy whatsoever and for that we salute you!

You can take a look at the comments in the screen shot below, (The honored comment is number 6) or you can find them here

I just chose to do the shanking with my penis…. CLASSIC!!!!!

Keep em coming and we’ll post em.

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