Demotivational Posters Volume #17

Official Hot Lard 10,000 + Hit Post

Hey everybody…

Pull my finger.

Just kidding, you can read these demotivational posters instead.

Unless you really do want to pull my finger…

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7 thoughts on “Demotivational Posters Volume #17

  1. I love the ‘Black Man’s Dream Girl’ one. I always find it so funny cause my (black) friend gets mad at the stereotype, but then he turns around and eats like half a watermelon in one sitting, lolz.

  2. is the one in the maid suit Ashley Drurard? looks like her…no boobs, thin lips and this i deserve the world to be given to me look on her face, please say it is as i would love something anything on her to put up in the breakroom at work to shatter her im fucking perfect image she thinks she has.

  3. I find the anal sex one hilarious, because i went to high school with her, she’s a year younger than me, absolutely made my day when i found this

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