Hot Lard Kodak Moment – Bravery

Audio Help [brey-vuh-ree, breyv-ree] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation
–noun, plural -er·ies.

1. brave spirit or conduct; courage; valor.
2. showiness; splendor; magnificence.

[Origin: 1540–50; prob. < It braveria, equiv. to brav(are) to brave + -eria -ery]
1. intrepidity, fearlessness, boldness, daring, prowess, heroism, pluck, spirit, audacity, nerve, mettle, spunk. See courage.
1. cowardice.

Audio Help (brā’və-rē, brāv’rē)  Pronunciation Key
n.   pl. brav·er·ies

  1. The condition or quality of being brave; courage.
  2. Splendor or magnificence; show.
My definition of Bravery….

You don’t see any adults getting right up to the glass to look at the gorilla….
And the toddler has no concept of “Safety Glass”.

5 thoughts on “Hot Lard Kodak Moment – Bravery

  1. The plexiglass floors in towers are another bravery location!
    I like jumping on them for the cheap/safe adrenaline rush: it’s like bungy jump light.

    note: that photo has to be from Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.

  2. My extreme fear of heights would prevent me from even doing a bungy jump light.

    The photo, I can tell you was taken at the Omaha Zoo…. I know this because I’m the one that took it. Yes this is an Ervin Shlopnick original.

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