I Miss Sonny Landham

Once upon a time, there was an actor who starred in a few action movies.  Sure, he had built himself quite a resume before he landed the role of Billy in Predator.  Remember Billy?  That’s right, none other than Sonny Landham!!

So why is Sonny missed so dearly?  It wasn’t because of 48 Hrs. either … I consider this movie a “screwball action comedy”.

Because Sonny peaked in an era of mindless action movies.  He was instrumental in elevating the genre to new heights.  Not since Predator have so many manly dudes kicked so much ass

According to rumors and such, it was during the filming of Predator that brought out the best in Sonny.  His anger began built like a raged inferno.  He had to be separated from the rest of the cast due to his violent behavior.  Rumor has it he was in danger of harming himself due to his while and crazy thoughts.  <pause>  Man, if you’re so fucked up you need to be removed from Arnold, Carl, Jesse and Mr Duke (which btw, is the baddess mutha-fucker ’round … more so than Samuel L Jackson.  He could whoop is his in a matter of seconds.  Shit, he eats Green Berets for breakfast!!) … man, you are a loon!!

After Predator, Sonny starred in Action Jackson, alongside his buddy Carl Weathers.

Why you lookin’ for Poppa Doc?

I love that line…

Action Jackson was exactly as the title describes … full of action and Sonny helped fuel it to new heights of awesomeness.

After Lock Up, Sonny began is downward spiral into regular-ness.  That’s a shame too.  He intensity and passion for the arts is what helped bring in the kids to watch the mindless murders, torture, and spines-being-ripped-from-torsos to the movie theaters.

This is also about the time Sonny began to alledgly abuse women.  According to his web site, he spent some time in federal prison (31 months).  Now, he’s asking for donations to help his legal defense fund.  Readers … if you want to throw money away, feel free to send it to me.  My email address is count.of.flanders@gmail.com … I’ll send you instructions on how to donate to my Paypal account.

In closing, I don’t miss the real Sonny Landham … I miss what he represented in the 80s.  The badass who was afraid of no man.  The guy who would knock your teeth out for no reason at all.  I could care less about his problems with beating women or running for Governor of Kentucky.  That’s all for the birds.  I want guys like him to put down the shoulder pads and join the drama club.  We need more baddass actors making more kick-ass movies for us.

Don’t let us down.

— Count of Flanders

One thought on “I Miss Sonny Landham

  1. I agree that action films have some great characters, along with ones you may not even be able to name. I recognize Sonny Landham… Thanks for your really kind comment on my post!

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