52 thoughts on “Dweeb Emo Douchebag of the Day

  1. Yeah, this freak is Marilyn’s lesser-known baby brother, Milford. I don’t think his dad’s like him very much.

    • Actually Butwheaty, his father not only likes him, he loves him and admires him for being willing to be true to himself. If ya don’t like him, don’t look at him. How small minded of you people to judge someone you don’t even know.

  2. yeah fuck you guys this kid is cute
    you fuckers probly dont even know him
    so you cant fucking judge him
    he can be smarter than einstein for all you motherfuckers know
    but its bitches like you that drive him away from social life and
    become so disconnected and hates the world so much he probly thinks he has to be like this to feel he belongs anywhere. he wants you to hate him cause its his way of saying fuck you too.

  3. @ DUST

    zomg, joo thikn this dweebz is cutez?

    In all seriousness, you’re 100% correct … we do not know him/her. However, we can judge this douche all day long. What you’ve failed to realize is that you’ve just judged him as well. You seem to think he’s smarter than Einstein. I think most homos like this douche would be appalled to be considered in the same freakin’ ballpark as my great-grandfather, good-ole Al.

    Oh dear, we’ve driven him away from society? I suppose that means he’ll be a loser all of his life and therefore unable to contribute (mainly taxes) to society? I sure hope he saves all of us the burden of supporting his welfare-ass ways and just takes care of “it” on his own (pills or pistol will suffice). I, for one, do not want this panzy-ass sitting in some shelter and taking up a bed for someone who’s truly in need of assistance … perhaps you someday.

    • Your Great-Grandfather Albert Einstein. So from which marriage. The first one or the second one where he married his cousin. Hmmm, just wondering!

    • Does it make you feel more like a “grown ass man” to use phrases like: “zomg”, “dweebz”, “joo”, “thikn”, “cutez”? In my personal opinion, I thought only 10 year old GIRLS and RETARDS used “words” like that. Does any intelligent adult know what “zomg” even means? What does the Z stand for? Zoh My God? Pfft. Noone should have to defend the way they look or the things they do. Especially to some ignorant fuck like you. Why not put one of your own pictures on here? Or do you have short hair, piercings in your face, and wear make-up? It is you that should kill himself. If there were less people like you on the planet, the world would be better off.

  4. @ Flanders

    I think you missed the entire point of what Dust was saying.

    Dust pointed out things that were within the realm of possibility.

    Dust did not make any pointed facts beyond the opening sentence (the fact being Dust’s opinion of the persons outward appearance).

    You failed miserably at reading comprehension, spawn of Einstein.

    I’m a bit late at a response. Hopefully, you’ve become more wise in the past few months.

    • Ahh, so no children by the 2nd marriage – See how misinformation can so easily get started! Leave the guy alone. You don’t know him, you don’t know anything about him.

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  6. LMFAO so this fuckin homo worked at the hottopic in the mall by my house lol. hes about as gay as when gay came to gay town. he used to have long fuckin braided weave in his faggot hair. god i hate this faggot!

  7. honestly, why do ya’ll give a fuck about what he looks likes. how about you stick your your own life and stop acting 12. ALL of you guys are fucking ignorant.

  8. its really sad that people pick on him…he really is a good person and i think he looks just fine…there must be something wrong with you closed minded freaks!! open up your minds just a little bit…he is a person with a heart and feelings and i really dont appreciate any of you picking on my friend…how do you think he felt when he saw this?? would you be happy if someone said these things about you?? go get a life and stop picking on other people…i bet none of you are half as interesting as this guy…

  9. wow. just because steevie looks different, doesn’t mean he’s not human.
    what the fuck?
    would you want your ugly ass picture on here?

    he’s a good person.
    better than all of you that commented.

    grow up.
    grow some balls.
    get a life.


  10. I think he’s beautiful! All you bitches are just jealous and need to just realize YOUR THE UGLY ONE! Your ugly on the inside and thats much worse than just being ugly outside. I love Steevie!

  11. I happen to know this guy, and he is not only kind, intelligent, talented, and very interesting to talk to, but he is also accepting and tolerant of those around him, no matter what path in life they choose. He would never post someone’s picture up here for them to be mocked. He would never use hateful words to describe someone he’s never met. He would never be like you, and for that, we love him.

    We’re all people, and we should show respect for each other.

  12. So what, you lowlife fuck faces find random pictures of people and talk shit about them? That is so totally awesome! I wish I was cool enough to judge complete strangers on a public forum! High school really never ends, huh?

  13. Ignorance is sad but true. If you knew anything about him, this is his way of expressing himself. Yeah, it IS different than you, therefore, of course! You should burn him. He is different because he so chooses to be. As far as I know him he never judges anyone. He is always polite to people and he simply happens to look different. You laugh because he’s different. WE laugh because you’re all the same. He is human, just like you. Never forget that simple fact.

  14. yeah okay look there is nothing wrong with the way this guy looks and just because he has peircings on his face, makes him a bad person?? wow WHAT THE HELL HAS THE WORLD COME TO. okay you guys need to stop judging and start giving people a fucking chance. you all suck at life. and you all need to go get one. i don’t even know this guy but i looked this up and it pissed me off because every fucking day someone gets hurt and shit like this happens to them WHEN THEY HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING TO ANYONE.
    you all are wrong as hell.

  15. you people need to grow up. This Man is the one person who would do anything for anyone. Just because his style is different than yours and his looks are different than yours gives you no right to talk shit about him when obviously you have alot of hate in yourselves. He is a beautiful human being, and just because you werent blessed the way he was doesnt give you the right to judge him or anyone else. take a good look in the mirror. grow up, and get a life. If all you do is sit on the computer and search for people to judge because you hate yourself, obviously you need some phsycological evaluations.

  16. My god people, I for a fact “know” this man in a way. He is just making an impact on the world in his own way. Those people who are too self absorbed in themselves to realize a true individual need to go get a life. This man is the smack in the face to society’s stiff “reality”. If you can’t accept someone for who they are how can you fall in love, have friends, or even children.

    I applaud Mr. Steevie, he is a true man for being himself and I respect that.

  17. hey!!! this guy is a very awesome guy. why the fuck does everyone have to be a hater? just because someone doesn’t look, dress, act like you doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them. i hope to God i am nothing like any of you closed minded assholes…grow a brain and quit thinking that your such a big man by posting stupid comments about people who you don’t know.

  18. Lol. Wow. Does the owner of this site even know what the words “dweeb” “emo” and “douchebag” mean? That guy seems pretty cool to me. If anything the person/people who “hate” this guy seem like attention-needy assholes. Grow up. Ha ha. Pathetticcc.

  19. What kind of fucking bullshit chat is this?
    i mean fucking seriously
    damn, give it a rest
    just cuz you people have nothing better to do
    than this shit
    doesnt mean he should have to be subject to your ignorance

  20. Who do you think you are?! Anyone that talks shit on Steevie, or anyone for that matter. I don’t understand how being who you want to be and not being afraid of that is a bad thing… Can anyone explain how individuality, no matter how it manifests itself is negative. And all of you who supported Steevie are the hero’s in a world full of intolerance and hate.

    As my dad said, “People only start to hate you when you are doing right or are better than them.” Don’t stoop to the level of haters, shower them with acceptance and they’ll be even more bothered.

  21. woah. you people are so ignorant. Steevie happens to be an incredibly beautiful person and I feel sorry for those of you who cant see past your 3 by 4 inch dick. you make the world a horrible place.

  22. and Ervin Sholpnick, who are you to talk? you are a 70 year old disturbed man. I question why you would go through all this trouble to do something so worthless. please look into assisted suicide.

  23. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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