Demotivational Posters Volume #11 (Wal-Mart Is Evil)

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A special addition Wal-Mart Demotivational posters post.

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After reading a story on CNN on how the demons of Wal-Mart have sued a disabled woman for $477,000.00 to get back the money she owes them because their insurance policy is nothing more than a rip-off. I felt I needed to come up with a few demotivation posters directed towards this anti-Christ of retail and human soul snatching.

Please take a moment to first read how this caring company puts its employees first and profits second. Then enjoy my tribute to this demon fodder of world domination and slave labor retail.

Link to story

Click on each poster for a better look.

















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17 thoughts on “Demotivational Posters Volume #11 (Wal-Mart Is Evil)

  1. u guys are no longer wrong. ur so far beyond wrong i don’t even know what to say.i echo my words from the past, fuck cheezburger and other blogs, Hot Lard deserves to top the list.the chinese ones are just brilliant πŸ˜€

  2. i just noticed ur new blog stats heading…
    u don’t like leaving even an inch of ur site unfunny, do u?
    that’s not to say the old, sickened nuns bit wasn’t funny.

  3. aniche, you are our number one fan…

    Of course that may not mean much beings we only had 6.3 fans at last count. But hey, you are at the top of that list!!!!!

    Thanks for the good words.

  4. for some reason, I misread the “Batman Magna Battle Figure” (What is a battle figure??) as “Batman Magina Battle figure” I think I should go back to bed. Or have a drink, I don’t know. Maybe both.

  5. Brilliant! I’m going to use a few of these on my site; you’ll get the credit. And word continues to spread about their low, low vices.

  6. Brilliant work!

    Do one for Walmart not paying their taxes to the states due to their ponzi tax scheme of paying rent, which is deductible, to their own companies and screwing NC and WI out of tens of millions of dollars in services that money would have gone to.

    Screw Walmart and this was awesome!!

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  8. Walmart India is spreading its dark reign in this country by every means of manipulation they have at their disposal. They have hacked my blog when i only wrote 5 blogs against them. This has shown me that they will do any thing to hide their evil, and destroy our lives for their personal profit. The people are awakning to the evil mind that runs the show from behind, and these monsters will not last forever. They will face the wraith of justice, and it will be a swift end for them.

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