SPAM Email of the Day for 2008-Mar-26

Subject: I realized I was in love.

Amaze her with your new, gigantic tool between your legs.

tool-douchebag.jpgWho’s point of view is this from?  Did this email come from a girl who realized she was in love because of a gigantic tool between some douchebag’s legs?  Or, did some guy realize that his new-found gigantic tool cause a girl to fall in love with him?

Either way, it doesn’t matter.

I want to point out that if you are a guy who once had a small penis but now has a gigantic one, girls will not love you.  You will always be remembered as the small-penis guy who had low self esteem and almost killed himself to gain a larger penis guy.

3 thoughts on “SPAM Email of the Day for 2008-Mar-26

  1. Well I just love getting those helpful e-mails that offer me pills and “secrets” that will turn my non-existent tool into something that will “make her moan.”

  2. Isn’t making her moan what it’s all about?! 🙂

    Is there a pill that reducing the stress and strain in my jaw? Now there’s an idea! I am pretty sure I know how to make her moan.

    I once read a book that explains all that business.

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