Has anyone noticed that Baseball Season has started?

jeter_sheffield_gay.jpgIn case you haven’t noticed (and my guess is that you haven’t), the Major League Baseball season has started … in Japan. WTF is up with that!?!?!?

Well anyway, I’d like to be the first to let baseball know that nobody fucking cares the season has started because the league sucks!  Hmmmmmmm, let me guess … the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox franchises are the favorites to spend the most money errrrrrrrrrrrrr … I mean, win the World Series.  Of course in baseball, those two phrases pretty-much mean the same thing.

1273251945_c0ac40f102.jpgCongratulations Baseball on another season where five revenue-generating teams are competing for the championship while the rest of the league break-in their really good players only to have them be bought by one of those five teams next year.

bonds.jpgI guess all I can hope for is that THIS IS THE YEAR that one of your roided-up players will finally explode on national TV.  Or snap and take out the first two rows of fans with a meat clever. (If there are actually that many in the stands that is)


One good thing about the start of baseball season… It means that Football season is only four months away.


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