A Hot Lard Educational Moment – Amelia Earhart and Zombies

A friend of my just started teaching and she sent out an email to some of her nearest and dearest friends (Why I was included I’ll never know)  to help her with an assignment she is creating for her kids. It had to do with Amelia Earhart and something with the chick movement back in the day. She wanted all of us to give her our input on the following question. 

Here is the email.

Hey Ya’ll

This is a brief, informal survey question that I would like you to answer for me to help with my “Between the Wars” homework. It’s one teeeennnyy question so if you could reply very soon it would be very much appreciated:
amelia-earhart_250.jpgWhen you think of Amelia Earhart (assuming you indeed know who she is) do you think of someone who was crucial in the feminist movement as a heroine who broke male boundaries to fly planes or do you merely think a woman pilot who got lost in the Bermuda triangle? If you think of something else entirely please share.
Thanks in advance!
Being the big advocate I am on education stuff and all that other smart making things you do in… Ummmmm…. Skol   School. That’s it School. I felt I needed to get an answer out to her as quick as possible.
Here is my response.

Dear J.

Thank you for this opportunity to help shape the minds and guide the future of some of our American youth. I’d be glad to help you with this.

 My politically correct answer would be that she did help break down some barriers of the day, showing that women could not only fly but command a plane on long journeys. Her disappearance only adds to the mystic that was her story.

amelia-earhart_zombie.jpgPersonally I think she was lured to Zombie Island by a very succulent mince ham and tomato sandwich. It is here she patently waits for the day that all zombies will rise and feed on the living… Oh and get HBO.  But hey that’s just me.

Hope this helps

Ervin (So many brains I keep them in my pants) Shlopnick

brains-2.gifMmmmmmm Brains”

It really makes me feel good to help our nations children when I can. I think I’ll go write a book or invent something right now… Well, after my nap maybe. 

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