Count of Flanders Movie Review for No Country for Old Men

javier-bardem-in-no-country-for-old-men.jpgTurns out, a colleague of mine didn’t think too highly of No Country for Old Men.

I suppose, there is another opinion I’d like to share.

Initially, I was distraught at the end of the movie when it ended so abrubtly.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t paying attention.  I talked to a friend about my frustrations, and he said each of the two times he saw it in the theater, people booed and hissed when the credits rolled.  Both times.

I admitted after whining about it, that I really hadn’t devoted my full attention span to the characters and plot, etc.  While I was wide-awake during the entire movie, I simply could not pay attention (little kid running around the house will do that).

So, I gave it another chance with the significant other … totally thinking she’d demand this piece of shit be turned off immediately (she has this thing against manly movies … and NCfOM is certainly one of them).

Surprisingly, she sat through the entire movie without folding one pair of jeans or a load of towels, or my snot rags.  She actually sat down for ~two hours to watch a violent movie.

Even more suprisingly, she didn’t hate it.  I think this is common with women; they seem to look beyond the action and violence and concentrate more on the characters and their struggle/success in the story.  I, along with Ervin, tend to gravitate towards the action and killing, and of course boobies.

However, on my 2nd viewing, I took a step back and watched it with fresh eyes.  This time, I got it.  I understood why there was no need to see the big shootout in the desert.  Not actually seeing it gave it more realism; plus, the near-dead Mexican in the truck was rather freaky.  I understood the narrative of Tommy Lee Jones’ character in the beginning of movie, and his story at the end made sense.

This country has become no country in which old men can survive.  It has gotten too violent; too out of control.  I think it is quite-evident in the opening scene in which crazy-man chokes the deputy.  The violence gets off to a pretty good start, don’t you think Ervin?

Ervin, your script is missing some key dialog in which bad buy is trying to figure out what the two business men know.  And, what information they’ve told others.  Why?  Because he works alone, I guess.  Plus, he’s crazy.  I don’t think the audience needs to know any additional details about what happened.

The acting in this movie is something extraordinary … from all the cast.  Last time I saw acting this good was when my 10th grade girlfriend told me she loved me, and to keep it in.

But hey, who am I to change a barnyard porn-loving freak like Ervin?  If that’s your thing, I can understand your frustrations when a group of good actors and a great story are brought together.  This film certainly deserved the recognition at the Academy Awards.  Kudos!

I recommend that you give this movie another viewing, and if you don’t agree this is the best movie in a long time, then you’re just plain wrong.  No doubt about it.  I’m right, you’re wrong, you should die.

— Count of Flanders

4 thoughts on “Count of Flanders Movie Review for No Country for Old Men

  1. He loved her man!!!! That’s why he gave up that chunk of wood.

    A least I didn’t miss six days of work to get over the death scene from Peal Harbor.

    “You know what bubby? She’s going to have your baby… “

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