Hot Lard’s Great Moments in True Love.

Remember the “Runaway Bride”? You know, it was that stupid bitch that ran out on her marriage because she didn’t think the gold leaf was correct on the invitations or was not ready to give anal to her groom or whatever the fuck her dumb ass excuse was.  Then she said she was kidnapped an sexually assaulted by a group of Mexicans or black guys, only to find out it was all a lie or sexual fantasy of her’s.

Well it appears that the Groom she left at the alter has gotten remarried… To another woman

Runaway Bride’s Former Fiance Marries Another Woman

ATLANTA — John Mason, the man who was once engaged to runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks, has gotten married — to another woman.

His father, Claude Mason, tells People magazine that John Mason married Shelley Martin in a quiet ceremony Saturday in Duluth. Claude Mason, who serves as an associate municipal judge and officiated the ceremony, says the family was very happy for John Mason. John Mason currently works as the general manager of a family medical facility in Duluth. His new bride, Martin, works in pharmaceutical sales. Claude Mason says the two met through Martin’s cousin, who was a high school classmate of John Mason’s. John Mason was thrust into the spotlight in 2005 when his then-fiance, Wilbanks, disappeared just days before their wedding. She turned up a few days later in New Mexico and initially claimed she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted. She later recanted, saying she ran away because of personal issues, and pleaded no contest to telling authorities a phony story. Wilbanks and John Mason ended their engagement and filed lawsuits against each other, which were later dropped.John Mason’s Saturday wedding didn’t go off without a hitch — severe storms passed through the Atlanta area over the weekend.

Now the one thing I don’t understand is what he ever saw in the first bitch to begin with. I can remember looking at the pictures they had of her on CNN and thinking to myself, “Self… This bitch has some serious cocaine eyes“.   You know… Those freaky ass buggy eyes that some people get when they are high or retarded. If your not sure take a look at this picture of the couple back in 2005.

Click on image for a better look


I could not imagine what he saw in this freak and how his dick could get hard when she looked at him and said, “Do me till my eyes go normal, you big stud”

I just hope his new bride has a somewhat normal look to her.

Here is a photo of the new couple, tell me if you have any idea what he sees in her.


I bet she has a really cool car.

Ahhh, true love… It (sniff) makes me want to cry.

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