What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Moved To Missouri

I would like to point out (in the event you’re too blind to see) Hot Lard did not create these images.  All credit goes to planethiltron.com (those bastards).

Britney Spears


Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta-Jones


John Travolta


Sarah Jessica Parker


Tara Reid


Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen


Sharon Stone


Gwen Stefani


Ashlee Simpson


Nichole Kidman


Paris Hilton


Pamela Anderson


Jennifer Aniston


Cameron Diaz


Johnny Depp


The Beckhams


J-Lo & Marc Anthony


Thomas Cruise Mapother IV


5 thoughts on “What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Moved To Missouri

  1. I forgot to make note of the fact that “The Beckhams” picture was from none other than Olan Mills!

    Can you possibly imagine those two going to an Olan Mills to get their picture taken? It just makes the Photoshop job even funnier.

    • Thank you, I also get a really good laugh every time I look at these.

      As far as how we got them. We sent our contributor “S” to Missouri to get these. I’m not sure what he did or what laws (Of Nature) he broke to assemble them and unfortunately I am not able to ask him about it either. You see, during the shoot, “S” was in the back woods of Mizzu looking for that one last photo he needed to complete the collection. He got lost and called me on his cell phone to get directions to the Missouri version of Kim Kardashian. When suddenly, I heard other voices. One gentleman said to “S”, “You got a perty mouth boy”. I then heard a banjo and the line went dead….. Since then the only contact we have had with “S” was a wedding invitation…. (“S” looked really beautiful in his wedding gown) But we have since lost touch and I have no idea what trailer park he currently lives in.

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