Hot Lard has the nude photos of Lindsay Lohan

lindsay-lohan21.jpgI have heard all the buzz about these photos of Lindsay Skank Junkie Hoe Lohan posing nude with a Marilyn Monroe (another skank) look. And of course like any red blooded American male, when there is a chance to gawk at the naked body of someone my daughter used to watch when they were a child star, I’m going to jump at the opportunity.

As I thumbed through them I couldn’t help but think to myself…. “hmmmm boy she looks like 20 miles of bad road. So that’s what a crack whore looks like naked.” Well I guess I’ll go back to my barnyard porn site, at least the actors there (the donkey, sheep and pigs) are pretty.

But hey , don’t let me ruin it for you. Take a look and shrivel your dick for yourself.


I don’t think my dick will get hard for a week now.

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