Hot Lard readers are smarter than we are.

I’ve come to the conclusion that our readers are much smarter than we are.

 I realized this after viewing the blogs of the people who have commented on some of our posts. Don’t get me wrong, these comments are favorable and they seem to like what they read. But when I look at their blogs I can see the great amount of detail and thought that goes into their work.

 There are two bloggers in particular I’m talking about; Laurie and aniche. Two people that have been trolling Hot Lard for a little while and have had some really nice things to say about us. This made me feel really good about myself and our little corner of the Internet we have created here. So I decided to check them out and see what they had to say….

 That is when it hit me…. I’m fucking stupid!

 These two have created blogs that display the true love they have for their art. And it shows with such things as the big words they use like…





 As you read their posts you can tell that they took great time and real thought to create. If I can not come up with my entire post before I finish my morning/afternoon/evening crap, I lose interest and go back to doing what I was before…. Most of the time that would be watching barn yard porn or cheese fart contests with the retarded kid across the street.   

Not to mention that I have to use tags like, “Midget Porn” and “Crack Whore” to reel in my pervs readers. Where they can use tags like… ummmm “Smart” and “Not Dumb” to get their readers.

 What does it take to be able to create an intelligent thought provoking blog? Do you have to have a really great job like, cafeteria manager, or animal semen extractor? Does your education have to go beyond the 7th grade? Or better than the Scurvy Hills community college diploma I have. I don’t know, and to be honest, I have spent way to much time away from my Barn Yard Vixens #9 video to think about this any further.

 So before I go, I’d like to say thank you to all the intelligent bloggers out there that gives us things to think about as we read. If it weren’t for you, people like me may get delusions of grandeur and think we could become Brain Surgeons… or Meter Maids. Thanks for grounding me you bastards. But there is a place for us stupid bloggers too. We take the simple and dumb it down.That way everybody, from the ditch digger to the scientist can understand what makes a really good fart joke.

 In closing if you want to see a picture of the Cookie Monster telling Bert to “Fuck Off” please click here and enjoy our site.

 If you want a thought provoking well written post that will give you information on the world around you… Click here and look at the picture of the Cookie Monster telling Bert to “Fuck off”. You are thinking way to much and could use a brake. And be happy that stupid people like us are around to give you a laugh.   

I’m the Robot and I’m going to nail these two community college girls.


Try that at Harvard!!!

6 thoughts on “Hot Lard readers are smarter than we are.

  1. Jeez man! What are you smoking! First of, I have never used that word which u mentioned..what was that…fro..fru…for..from..yeah that’s it. secondly ur cheezburger bit, amongst other stuff on ur blog, is one of the smartest things i have seen on the internet. i think i once said it should be on the front page all the for what i do, u gt pretty close. im not an animal semen extractor but im that guy who goes and checks if animals are banging properly. for eg. when the pandas coudlnt famously get it up, guess who was there to document it! that’s right me. my main hobby is however kicking animals as hard as i can in the balls.
    and believe it or not, i get a lot sicker perverts than the ones who visit your blog. one of the top search terms for my blog is “Daniel Radcliffe’s foreskin” “grandma urine”. So u decide.
    and if u really wanna know how much thought i put into my posts, you should read something known as the Chomsky-Saussure Filth Archives on my blog 😀

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