Worst Movie Credits Song EVER, Rambo III


I just finished watching Rambo III to refuel my testosterone levels.  It was exhilarating to say the least.  I took a day off from the mundane to sit at home, kick back, and throw some 80’s action movies in the DVD player.  My plan was to watch a movie, take a break and eat something, possibly take a nap, maybe drink a beer and eat some Cheetos, play some Halo 3 (must … finish … Legendary) or Guitar Hero III, or whatever.

I think I need to put in Predator or something because my manliness just took a huge dump on the living room floor.  The credits of Rambo III suck balls; the freakin’ song was about as gay as these two queers. What is this song you ask?  None other than He Ain’t Heavy… He’s My Brother.  For additional pain and suffering, check out this below:

My point is, this song doesn’t belong in a Rambo movie.  I’m sorry, but don’t even try to slip it in as the movie credits roll past.  That’s just wrong.  My last memory of this movie shouldn’t be this gay and retarded song.

As I mentioned above, a heavy dose of Predator is the only cure for my sickness.

This dead motherfucker can suck some more dirt for saying such blasphemy about the greatest action movie of all time.

I’ve already stewed about this for too long already and I’ve gotten pissed off for no reason.

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