My Thoughts by Ervin Shlopnick – The Ecstasy of Fire

I believe that fire is a living thing….

It needs air to breath and food to eat. Plus let’s not forget love. A fire needs the love of its maker to feed it and make sure it has enough air to grow and consume.

Fire in return can give love back to you…

It can heat your home and cook your food, this is how fire shows its gratitude for your caring.

It is also really good for burning witches…

Like my girlfriend. I just found out the other day she was a witch when she cut off this guy on the highway and he yelled out his window that she was, “Some kind of witch”. I knew at that moment what I had to do. Thanks to that alert driver we had uncovered another witch and she had to be destroyed the only way a witch can be…

Burned at the stake…

With fire….

Loving fire…

Caring fire…


Hmmmmmmmm, Now that I think about it, that driver may not have referred to her as a “witch” at all. Maybe he said “bitch”…. Or he may have said, “Hey Nancy, you cut me off but that’s OK, just be a little more careful next time”.

Boy Howdy, would my face be red if that were the case.

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