4 thoughts on “Hot Lard Kodak Moment – The Cute Puppy

  1. Ervin,

    If we’re going to be married and co-mingle soylent DNA connubially in my oh so fertile loins and eventually populate the Earth with more Republicans, don’t you think it would be wise BEFORE we jump the broom, to at least, consider blogrolling me?

    I mean like hey, I’m already committed on my site. Quid pro quo.

    If you don’t, Mama’s gonna go be with Jesus TO-NIGHT and she don’t got the right “meet Your Lord” shoes to wear or nothin’.


  2. Ervin is not the brains of the operation. He’s only good for humorous thoughts and off-the-wall thoughts.

    I will add you to our blogroll.

    Count of Flanders Butwheaty will join you and Ervin and take photos.

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