25 thoughts on “A Hot Lard Kodak Moment – Observation Deck

  1. WOOOOAAAHHHHHH go to subway you fat fuken lardos…honestly thats not hot.. it makes me vomit in my mouth…

    • What do you mean thats not hot.. Ofcourse it’s hot. Just look at that ass ……….. maaaaaan I would force my face right down deep in between those but cheeks !!!!!!

  2. Laura,

    Please do not speak badly about the love of my life. This woman showed me what it means to love. She showed me how to make love….

    I love my Grandma’s cottage cheese ass

    • there are billions of other sites on your stupid box. go to one, of the and keep your mouth shut, if you don’t like what you see.

  3. Beautiful. She is so much more feminine and sexy than what you see at the beaches and pools in 95% of the USA. I mean, the latest generation of youth (both women and men) is rapidly regressing towards the year 1900 in terms of swimwear styles — baggy ass shorts for the guys which contain enough material to sail a small boat and for the women, one-piece suits which cover neck to knees. It all sucks. Come on people, live a little. You only go through this life once, then you get old and look back and think “what was I afraid of?”. You got one life, don’t waste it worrying about what everybody thinks because if you look in the mirror and like what you see, then I guarantee you someone else does too. Give me the chance, and I’ll move to Miami Beach, which has a lot of women like this.

  4. Well… she’s curvy. But thats just too much. Theres too much there. I mean there’s a healthy, and then there is overweight, and i think this definately falls into the unhealthy, overweight category. She’d be hotter sans about…20-30 lbs.

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