My Thoughts by Ervin Shlopnick (Kids and Sports)

All fathers would like to see their little boys do well at sports.

It doesn’t really matter which one, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and even in some cases Soccer. Nothing makes a fathers heart fill up with pride more than hearing their little boy saying to him, “Dad, I want to be a great Football/Baseball/Basketball/Hockey player”. Your answer should be, “Son, It doesn’t matter if your great or not. All that matters is if you give it your all”.

There are those unfortunate few that hear those ear shattering words from their boy, “Dad, I want to be a professional Ice Dancer”. For those of you I have this to say……. Look at your little boy straight in the eye and put a big smile on your face. Hold his shoulders firmly in your hands and say, “Son, not even if the Devil himself reaches up my ASS and threatens to rip out my colon you little sissy. Now shut the fuck up and get me a beer Nancy“.

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