They Come in 3s

In an effort to make up for lost posts, Hot Lard would like to welcome three new wonderful fellas to the Hot Lard social networking experiment.

Here we have Peter Flabbin, the guy who knows all your Starbucks coffee options.

Likes: beans, Bic lighters, #2 pencils, red Speedo underwear, Chapstick
Dislikes: books, girls, monster truck tires, marbles
Favorite Movie: Killer Klowns from Outer Space (Ed: I can’t fault him there, but favorite movie?)


Next, meet the hot chic you met in World of Warcraft last night.  Yep, Richard Poliskiano just kicked your ass with his Level 30 hot-ass elf with boobs the size of your head.

Likes: DOS, little boys pretending to be tough on IRC, Nintendo Wii, Seth McFarland
Dislikes: OS/2, Macintosh, church services, polo shirts, water
Lifetime career path: To one day wake up in a virtual universe and go to his computer and surf for alien porn.


If you are female and not very good-looking, Frank Sinep is your man-boy.

Likes: working at Denny’s
Dislikes: hotties, boobs, .50 cal guns, John C. Holmes references, Jennifer Aniston
Dream Date: Meet best friend Walter at the east end of the West Glenn shopping center and play 4 hours of laser tag until the smoke machines suffocates them to near exhaustion.

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