Frightening Day at the Zoo

As a parent, you strive to educate your child and prepare them for the wonderful, and sometimes scary, world that awaits them.  Your child looks up to you for guidance and answers to their questions about their surroundings.

In my quest to broaden my child’s experience and help teach them about our planet, I planned a trip to the zoo.  This would be an opportunity for my daughter to see up close all the animals she’s be reading about and memorizing in her books.  She really is quite smart and can recognize just about any standard animal (birdie, horsie, duck, monkey, puppy, kitty, cow, fishy, etc).

So, we packed a few items and headed to the zoo for a perfect day of sightseeing.  Upon entry, we decided to go check out the water tanks.  We saw the usual crap, and my sweet and innocent little girl loved it.  There were long fish, short fish, colored fish, and scary fish.

Time for some lunch.

After that, we thought it would be a good idea to visit the primates.  My daughter has her own monkey that she got from Build-A-Bear.  It has a tiny electronic monkey-laugh device in its hand, and when squeezed the monkey laughs.  She loves it!  So, we thought visiting the “monkeys” would be pretty cool, for her.

I was incorrect:

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