We Salute You, Black Bartender

There is a guy out there, an actor-slash-dancer, who deserves some serious recognition.  I wish I knew his name; sadly all I know about him is that he dances in Rick Astley’s timeless classic Never Gonna Give You Up music video.

Here he is at the beginning of the video; he’s really getting down with the song.

Over on Wikipedia, here’s what they say about him:

In the music video, Astley sings and dances to the song in various venues, sometimes interlaced with backup dancers. A bartender has a notable presence in the video, as his behavior gradually shifts from casually noticing Astley’s singing to being fully engrossed in the song with energetic acrobatic moves. Venues range from a restaurant to several outdoor areas.

Oh how I wish I knew this fellas name so we could give him the proper recognition he deserves.  If anyone knows, let us know!

Here’s the music video for your viewing pleasure.

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