Hot Lards Foray into Yahoo Answers Part #11 (Girls Only)

This next question and answer session proves that Dr. Sholpnick is not limited by any type of boundaries. This question was asked by a girl and she wanted answers from the weaker sex only. As you will see, The Dr is in and is taking all patients.

But on this series, we are making it a little harder for you to figure out what the Ervin Sholpnick educated answer is. All the avatars for each answer has been removed. Can you find the correct answer? Of course we mean the Sholpnick answer.

Have you figured out the best (Ervin Sholpnick) answer. Here’s a hint. It has half of the votes for best answer.

Best non-Shlopnick answer…

Not often is the DR. upstaged on an answer. But the following was so…… well? It is defiantly a qualifier for the TMI award.

Ummmmmm, thanks…. I guess.

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