My Thoughts by blster (2007)


The year 2007…

It followed the year 2006, and unless I’m mistaken it will lead us right into 2008.

 Yup, you can take that one to the bank.

A Lot of stuff happened in 2007.

There was like this party that one dude had…. and I think there may have been a donkey…. and a naked meter maid or something. I believe that someone may have puked in the sink… Also there was this one girl that was like running from something…. maybe me, or was it a really big chicken.   Golly I remember screaming, blood, and a severed head. hmmmmmmmmm. Hey, I did light my own fart!!! Or was that I blew up my house…? With my family in it???

I’m not really sure, I was pretty much stone out of my mind the whole year.

 Happy new year ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm 204H or something.

I could use a double beef and been burrito…. and some Twinkies…. covered with chocolate….. stuff. Yeah that would rule.  

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