Hot Lards Foray into Yahoo Answers Part#6 – Get a Cute Boy

OK, I said I was going to stop but I’m addicted to this thing. What a wonderful concept; idiots errrrrrrr I means young people with problems ask a question and I get to answer it…. Any way I choose.

Alright I have just a few more of these and then I promise I’m off of them. Cold Turkey, I’m clean.

Who the fuck am I kidding? This shit if fun!!!! Plus we get a surprise visit from Butwheaty on this one.

Bring on the next victim lost soul.

Simple enough question, let’s see what the layman have to say.

And now some really good advise from Butwheaty and Ervin Shlopnick.

Its’ good when we work as a team to help the young.

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