My Thoughts by blstern (The 50’s)

Imagine if you woke up one day and found yourself back in the 50’s.

I personally would find it very hard to live in that time period. There would be no “Microwaves”, so no double beef and bean burritos at 2:00 am. That is unless you want to warm up the oven and wait a half an hour for it. By that time you will have sobered up and not want it any more. Plus there would be no color television or cable; it would be really hard to watch only two or three channels. All of which had only black a white shows like “The Honeymooners, the Little Rascals and the Beaver that Ate Mars”. That would be really tough for me to deal with.

I guess I’d just spend all day on my laptop surfing vintage porn and smoking crack.

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