My Thoughts by blstern (Tequila)

I like Tequila…

Not because it makes me feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof.

I like it because it brings out a side of me that I find hard to share with others. When I have had enough Tequila, I like to dance and sing and tell jokes to people I would normally not talk to due to shyness. It gives me the courage to walk up the most beautiful girl in the room and ask her for her name. With any luck she may also be drinking Tequila and give it to me. I have made some of my best friends with the help of Tequila. The type of friends that will laugh with me about our Tequila adventures thirty years from now….

Well, they would, that is… if I didn’t keep finding their severed heads all over my apartment the next day. The blackouts are kind of a drawback I guess.

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