My Thoughts by blstern (Peanut Butter Sam)

To me friends are like peanut butter. It really sucks on its own but with jelly or even in a cookie it can be pretty good. Kind of like friends, with jelly they are kind of good. But I really hate them with peanut butter alone.

There was this one kid when I was 7; we called him “Peanut Butter Sam“. He would scoop a big glob of peanut butter on his finger every day before walking to school. I would have to watch him eat his peanut butter finger food every day as I walked to school. The problem was Sam wasn’t the most graceful person, so he would trip a lot as we walked and get stuff on his peanut butter. But he wouldn’t stop eating it! I would have to watch him eat this disgusting mess with dirt and dog doo stuck to it.

By the time we got to school he would have peanut butter / dog doo surprise all over his face. And the other Kids would make fun of him and call him names and throw large objects at him. I threw a bike rack at him once. Man I hated that little Fucker. I believe he joined a cult.

Hmmmmmm, now I’m hungry. But not for peanut butter, maybe some sliced succulent ham and melted Swiss. Yeah that would do the trick. I also need to take a bath. I had this other friend who would follow his neighbor’s cat for weeks on end. He said it was for practice. He is now in prison for stalking Emo Phillips.

Well, that sliced succulent ham and melted Swiss sandwich is not going to makes itself….. I’m sorry was there a question here. I feel I may have gotten off track.

Oh well.

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