My Thoughts by blster (Decisions)

Life is full of important decisions. Ones that can alter a person’s life forever.


When people run up to my car wildly; banging on my window screaming, “You hit that old lady, you sped up and hit her!!!!” I calmly roll down my window, and simply respond, “Prove it”. They might throw back something like, “Her head is on your hood”, or “We video taped the whole thing… You are on tape right now… We are filming you”.

That’s when I get out of my car, grab Grammy’s lifeless skull from my hood, and start dancing like I was in a Broadway show, singing at the top of my lungs, “HOLLYWOOD HERE WE COME… “. Then I swing Grammy around by her pony tails. But guess what? Grammy ain’t Grammy… And suddenly I snap to just as the preacher says “Do you take this woman…”

Suddenly, I snap to again realizing I’m standing in a jewelry store with my girlfriend and the guy behind the counter is saying, “Which one would you like?” That is when I say, “You know, I’ve changed my mind. I’m going with the really nice outdoor grill instead”. Yeah my girlfriend may get really mad at first, but I’m sure she’ll calm down once she realizes that this grill may have just saved her life

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