blstern’s email exchange with

We at Hot lard are always interested in expanding our little site so that we may be able to bring love and joy to the entire Internet….. Before we conquer it.

Below is an email we received from asking if we could do a RSS feed swap. All we have to do is place them on our site and they will do the same for ours. This sounds really good because being an avid gambler myself, I know that when I’m throwing away my children’s college education fund, there is nothing I want to do more than read about Russian whores and look at silly mullet photos.

From: Anjana Kohli <>

Subject: RSS Feed and Link Exchange

Dear Webmaster

I am the link manager of
I visited your website and I am interested in exchanging links from your website.

I will add your link on
and not only this, we will also give you free RSS Feed for your website to have higher impact on your ranking

Please add below site link in a minimum PR 1 Page.

Title: Casino Reviews
Description: gives you the ways to have the casino reviews and is one of the largest gambliste website.

Please add our link on your site and send us URL and once confirmed we will also add your link and will provide you with the RSS Feed to put at your website.

I assure you for the improved rankings through our RSS Feed for both of us. Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards
Anjana Kohli

Note: This email is NOT spam and is sent by human being for LINK EXCHANGE purpose . It is NOT spam email.

So of course I took this serious l and replied with a small list of demands

Dear Anjana,

Thank you so much for the consideration of placing a link for my site on yours. It is really good to know that people have found my little slice of worldly knowledge and are interested enough in it to want to advertise on it. I’m sure that if we work together we may be able to help each other to grow to a point that we can rule this internet with an iron fist.

Before I do this though, I would like a few things from you first.

1. I want $400 in free chips that I can use to spend on gambling and hookers.
2. I want you to fly me to the Reno airport where I can spend the day playing quarter slots.
3. Want $300 in quarters to spend on quart slots in Reno…. and on hookers.
4. A hot fudge Sundae with extra pickles.
5. A List of all local brothels.
6. Insider information on the 2007 national Chess championship.
7. A 1982 Honda Accord
8. A really cool permanent marker
9. 12 month supply of Depends
10. A Pony

Once you meet my demands I will then allow your site to be advertised on my MEGA WEB SITE OF POWER AND LOVE!

Thank you


The “L” stands for pointy feet

Once I get the pony I’ll let you all ride it.

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