Hot Lard Quick Movie – Rainbow Bright and the Search for Satisfaction

Since we last left our hero Rainbow Bright; her faithful companion and lover Thunder Thrust the wonder horse has left for parts unknown and has not called or written. Plus he owes her money after spending all of her welfare check on acid lased salt licks. She also thinks he may have taken her VCR and Slipknot CDs. And there is the very real possibility that he gave her the clap.

Opening scene

Rainbow Bright: Thanks for the surprise gangbang Papa Snarf. It was really fun. But it didn’t fill the hole in my heart from Thunder Thrust leaving.

Strawberry Shortcake was skipping by high on LSD, over heard this and said…

Strawberry Shortcake: Don’t you mean the gaping hole in your ass? What you need to do is find another large dick mammal to satisfy your unholy anal cravings.

So Rainbow Bright set out on a journey to find a new anal lover.

Rainbow Bright: I hope throwing this angle dust everywhere helps me to find my man…. or animal…. or he/she….. or whatever I’m not picky.

First stop was at the home of Scooby-Do.

Velma: Hey Scooby look, Rainbow Bright asked if you could play and she gave us this picture book of her adventures with her horsey. She wants to play the games they JESUS H. CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!?!? HOLY FUCKING SHIT SHE TOOK IT ALL IN!!! THAT CUM SLURPING WHORE!!! SHE SWALLOWED IT ALL!!! MY GOD SHE ASKED FOR MORE!!! THAT IS ILLEGAL IN THIS COUNTRY AND IN THE EYES OF GOD!!! I think we may have found a bigger skank that you Daphne.

Quickly Godzilla steps in to try and save the day

Godzilla: No fucking way!!! Don’t do it! I gots me the flaming herpes from that hoe the last time we gots it on and I haven’t been able to get rids of them.

But Scooby had already made his mind up.

Scooby: I’m getting me some ass tonight!

Before he left, the gang wanted to get Scooby a gift he could give to Rainbow Bright.

Freddy: She’s used to some pretty massive dick Scooby. You may want to get a bigger butt plug than that. Try the “John Holmes is a Pussy” model.

After receiving the gift, Rainbow Bright was so happy that she lifted her skirt to show Scooby the naughty regions he soon would be exploring.

Norville Rogers (AKA Shaggy): Hey bitch; there are like animal cruelty laws in this state you know man. Has anyone ever crawled in there and like lived? There’s a missing persons poster on your left butt cheek.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C.

Bill: What we need Tommy, is to find a girl that can hide a nuke up her ass and set if off while being skull-fucked by 60 of the world’s most notorious terrorist. But where can we find such a woman?

To be continued….

To see our hero’s first adventure click here.

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