My Thoughts by blstern (Frozen Peas)

If you glued a bowl of frozen Peas to your head……..

Would dating be an issue? It would be embarrassing in the middle of the date if your peas started to melt and you would have pea juice running down your face. Then everyone would call you “Pee Face” and try to pee on you. That is unless they saw the semi frozen peas stuck to your head.

But they won’t because you’re so vain, you would wear a hat to cover them. So everyone would think you were called “Pee Face” because people pee on you and not for the frozen peas you are attached to.

Because of your stinking pride you would have to go through life smelling like urine because you’re to good to be seen with peas stuck to your head. People would see you and say “Hey, there’s Pee Face…..Let’s go drain the lizard on him”.

That’s what you get for not showing your true self.

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