A Hot Lard Best Wishes to Lisa Montgomery

I’d like to send out a big fat wonderful Hot Lard Best Wishes to Lisa Montgomery who was just sentenced by a jury of her peers to die. This “Leave it to Beaver” mother wannabe decided to bypass that messy ole 9 month incubation period most women go through to have a child. She skipped right to the part were you kidnap an expecting mother and cut the fetus right out of her belly while she is awake and aware of what is happening to her.

Way to go Lisa!! I thought that sick shit like this only came out of Hollywood. But you have shown that simple Middle America folk like yourself can do much more horrific shit in real life that any ole FX artist can come up with in the movie world.

On behalf of the mother that I’m sure pleaded with you to not to hurt her or her baby. I would like to wish you a long happy stay in Hell. My one hope is that when you get there, you are forced to live the Alien birth scene over and over again.


Burn in Hell bitch!!!


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