Generate Your Own favicon.ico

Occasionally, co-president Count of Flanders Butwheaty likes to post authentic and useful information. Today is one of those oddball days.

Have you ever wanted to create your very-own favicon.ico image? Do you have zero skillz (zmog!) in graphics? Do you have skillz stealing other images off the series of tubes? Well, here is a site that is sure to please you:

You can browse through other user’s creations, generate your own unique icon, or upload an image and modify it yourself.

For example, here is an image that I’d like to transform into a favicon.ico image:


Naturally, Count of Flanders doesn’t want the whole image, just Arnie’s face.  So, we need to crop the image down into a multiple of a 16×16 pixel image.  How’s this look?


This image is 168×168 pixels.  Now Count of Flanders will upload it to  Click on Import Image and browse for the file.  Here is the result:


Now here is where it gets cool and fancy.  Select the transparent option and brush everything that is blue.


Now that Count of Flanders has removed the blue background, all that is required is to click on the Download Favicon button to save to your local hard drive for usage.  A neat thing is that you can see the ‘live’ preview what your icon will look like.

Here is Count of Flanders’ handiwork:


To use your newly-created favicon.ico on your web site, simple copy the favicon.ico file to the root of your site and modify your pages with this line of code inside the <head> tag:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" />

That just about does it!  Feel free to browse the site’s many (free) user-created icons.

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