My Thoughts by blstern (The NRA)

I would like to take my three year old son to an NRA sanctioned event. When we arrive, I tell the guy at the door that I’m Charlton Heston, that way we can get in for free. They will immediately take us to the speaker’s podium, because who wouldn’t want to hear from Charlton Heston. And when I got up there I would say…….”HA HA HA I’M NOT CHARLTON HESTON YOU FOOLS! I TRICKED YOU! I TRICKED YOU! NOW YOU HAVE TO KISS MY BUTT!!! UP WITH GUN CONTROL! GUN OWNERS ARE REAL DUMB!!!”

But then I would realize that we are probably in the most heavily armed place in American at that particular moment, beings it’s the NRA and all… So I would then say… “I’m just kidding…I really am Charlton Heston and I really didn’t mean all those things…. Got You”! When everyone started to laugh, I’d run off the podium leaving my son behind and I’d scream, “But he’s not……He believes in the 8 day waiting period!”

It would be a close one, but I think I could get away with it.

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