Animals Do the Craziest Things

The Count of Flanders *, aka Butwheaty, has a thing for funny animal pics.

When I see this picture, all I can think of is Kool & the Gang‘s Jungle Boogie.

Poor Anna gets a first-hand feel of her new eye seeing helper.  Too bad Fido was taken directly from the Waffen-SS line of German Shepard’s.  I’m sure he’ll work out just fine in this new family.

This little guy looks a bit like the guy that can fold his lower lip over his nose.  You know the picture I’m talking about … the bitter beer guy.

* Regarding the introduction of the Count of Flanders and Butwheaty, that is how co-president of Hot Lard will refer to himself.  From now on, and this is the only exception, I will refer to myself in the third person. 

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