EA Has Lost Their Mind

ger.jpgBBC News is reporting that Gerhard Florin (Senior Exec at Electronic Arts, go figure) wants an open gaming platform.


Yeah, I remember back when it was called a 3DO … the infamous flop brainchild of once-EA president, Trip Hawkins.

fz1_sys.jpgThe 3DO was horribly expensive (I know; I bought one). Apart from a few select titles, the games sucked. The games sucked because publishers thought we wanted 650 MBs of full-motion video. Like I said, apart from a few titles, publishers were dead-wrong on that idea.

The problem, as mentioned was clearly on the publishers of the shitty games, was the 3DO was ahead of it’s time. It was powerful; and I mean powerful for it’s day. Second, the console was extremely expensive, only available to the ubber-rich … as I once was (in high school working at K-Mart with my first credit card). It was expensive because so much time and effort were devoted to the hardware specifications that The 3DO Company was pretty-much forced into charging arms and legs for the thing because the games weren’t selling.

To recap, Gerhard is a moron. Hardware competition is good. I like the fact that my XBOX 360 trounces the Playstation 3 not because of a so-called hardware advantage (which, some claim Sony has won) … rather that the service (LIVE) and games far-outclass the competition. There is no way such a rich gaming experience can be had with one single hardware option available. We need Microsoft and Sony competing (Nintendo can suck-it) for the consumer’s dollar (yes, dollar … USD to be more-specific). EA needs to stop telling consumers what they think we need to hear. They need to concentrate on trying to saveface and make some decent games already! Unless EA plans to make a console, they need to STFU.

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